Just About Ready! The After Photos

So here’s the deal.  You are going to have to ask if some things come in other colors or if we have more of things you are interested in.  We do NOT have enough space to have everything out.


The cupboard is filled with bread and caramel corn.



There’s more, just too pooped!

Be sure and check out the children’s items.  They have worked very hard!  One of my little guys sawed and put together a very, very, very ‘rustic’ little bench.  It will be for sale for $5.00.  You would make his day if you bought it. Winking smile  Perhaps I could even give you a $5.00 discount on your purchase. (shhh, don’t tell)

I will not be able to hold anything you see in these pictures, sorry.  Doors open at 1:00 pm sharp.

Check back tomorrow morning, I will announce the winner of the ‘get the word out’ drawing—$25.00 to spend at the sale.



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7 responses to “Just About Ready! The After Photos

  1. Everything looks amazing!!!!! xo

  2. WOW! Love all of it! The hoosier cabinet is awesome! And the row of green bottles with the twigs. And….and…and…

  3. Lisa Gemmen

    I have a minimum of 2 things on my list: A “you are my sunshine…..” sign for Sonia and “I love you to the moon and Back” for my boy’s room. that’s just to start off 😉

  4. Love it Michelle! Wish I could be there!

  5. Laurie

    Thank you for sharing your gift with us, Michelle! You truly inspire me 🙂 If I had space/money/time I would buy everything you create. I especially LOVE, LOVE the twin headboards in the nautical theme – so quaint and perfect for a cottage. I wish you the best on your grand event; you and your family deserve it!

  6. Nancy Pleune

    Once again, you’ve done well. It looks beautiful, charming, fetching….so excited to see how God is going to bless you this weekend. Enjoy…you and your family have earned it ❤

  7. Elise Weinstein

    The headboard really caught my eye! I just love that! I love the chalkboard door! So much eye candy to take in! Thank you for the preview. Now I’m even more excited to see everything!

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