And the Winner is . . .

This is the hard part for me.  I really want everyone to win.  We did decide to draw two names, one for the $25 and another one for $15 just for fun.  I’d keep drawing, but Mr. {re}imagined, the guy who keeps the books, thought two winners was sufficient.  Though in his heart of hearts he would like to bless many too.

Thank you to all of you who ‘spread the word’!  It blesses us that you took the time to do that for us.

The winner of the $25.00 spending spree is . . .

Elise  Weinstein

and the winner of the $15.00 spending spree is . . .

Elana Hostetter

Congratulations!  I look forward to seeing you this weekend.



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5 responses to “And the Winner is . . .

  1. Elise Weinstein

    Thank you Michelle! I am so excited to see and touch all your beautiful creations in person!!! XXOO Elise

  2. Elana Hostetter

    Yay me!! See you at 1 pm today!! Thank you very much!!

  3. John Rutherford

    Keep posting the time, I went way back to see what time it started. Thanks


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