That Time of Year

 It’s that time of year when I reflect on the past year.  I am amazed at what a blessed year this was.

I have met the most amazing people this past year.  You have blessed me, challenged me and have been a large part of who I have become this year.  Thank you.

So many wonder about the ‘{re}imagined’ team.  I am blessed to play the ‘front of the house’ of this whole operation, but there are many behind the scenes that make this whole business work.

If you are interested, I thought you might enjoy a peek inside our little world.  You can open the pdf and read our family newsletter.

We all love and appreciate you so much!  May the Lord bless you and keep you this year!  May His blessings chase you down.  And most of all, may you know the depth of His love for you in a greater way this coming year.

Grzybowski Christmas Newsletter 2013


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One response to “That Time of Year

  1. linda karsten

    May you and your family have a wonderful, blessed Christmas and yes, he has given you and family a wonderful opportunity to be crafty and be home as a family, yet reach out to others.
    Blessings John and Linda Rutherford

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