The Beast Finds a Home

Our friend Susan, from All My Musings has a space at the Grand Rapids Antique Market at the Devos place.  She asked if we could ‘do her a favor’ and bring some pieces to fill out her space.  Are you kidding??  Yes!  Thanks Susan.

Anyway, she sold ‘the Beast’ today!  I so loved that piece.  If the purchaser sees this, please email me, I would to ‘meet’ you!!


We also sold lots of smalls.  Susan called us this afternoon and asked us to bring some more things.  So Brian and I cleaned up and went for a short ‘date’ and dropped them off and shopped.  We saw lots of ‘friends’ from the Allegan Antique Market, it was so nice.

Looks like I will need to get busy to restock for the Expos!  I have been working on my statement piece for the Mid-Michigan Expo in Lansing.  It is a beautiful, large vintage china hutch painted Emperor’s Silk (red) with a few techniques to get the depth of color I wanted.  It is going to be an eye-catcher when it is done.  Pictures soon.





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3 responses to “The Beast Finds a Home

  1. Hope

    Ohhh! Can’t wait to see the piece you are working on with the Emperior Silk, my very favorite color! 🙂 Blessings to you and yours this New Year.

  2. Nancy Pleune

    Praise God for providing yet another avenue of commerce for you. How awesome is He! Can’t wait for pics of the hutch. Have fun 🙂

  3. Norma Jean Christoff

    Glad you sold the beast, but I loved it. I need to talk to you so please call me. L, M

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