Newest Treasures!!

Well, first our phone service was not working all week.  Sometimes it would ring, sometimes not.  Sometimes we would get voicemails, sometimes not.  Then, yesterday our internet went out.  I was so excited to share out ‘pick’ with you and I had no internet!

Mr. [re}imagined and I headed north yesterday.  We stopped in Rockford, Cedar Springs, Howard City and Newaygo!  More on the places we went later.  We had a fun day and found a few ‘honey holes’ as they say on American Pickers.

Cute cubbies, probably 4 1/2 feet tall.  I plan to paint the inside white and the outside a color of your choice.


Very nice China Cabinet.  Perfect size, I think.  There are three substantial shelves and a smaller drawer.  Someone spray painted it black.  I will be {re}imagining this!


Our favorite pick of the day!  An industrial work table.  We will clean it up and possible replace the bottom tray, which is currently filled with grease, with barn wood.  Very cool table!


I have 11 (eleven) six pane windows that I will sell right now for $15 each.  Later this Spring I will offer them for $20 each at Allegan.  If you or someone you know is doing a shabby chic wedding, these would be perfect!


Darling little end table.


These matching end tables will be used for my demo at the Women’s Expo.  Not currently for sale.


Absolutely!! darling vintage book shelf/display.  It would be PERFECT for a nursery or child’s room.  I do think it needs some paint, but so cute!


Antique Walnut dresser.  It is kind of cool ‘as is’.  It is a mustard yellow with super chippy paint.  It will also look amazing {re}imagined.


A Sofa Table!  these are so hard to find.  I have people ask me for them all the time.  This is beautiful.  I am thinking to stain the top and paint the bottom.


Just let me know if you are interested in any of these.  There will be a wait before I can get them to you, but I couldn’t wait to show you!!

Off to paint and get ready for the Expos!!



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7 responses to “Newest Treasures!!

  1. Tessa

    Michelle, Glad to hear you’re up and running again! I would like to talk to you about the industrial table-possibilities, price, get the size etc. is email best or do you prefer that I call? Thanks! Tessa

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Tami

    Amazing finds! 🙂 Do you have prices for the cubbies and sofa table?

    Thanks! Tami

  3. Norma Jean Christoff

    Geat stuff, can’t wait tosee them done. Call when youcan. L, M

    On Sat, Jan 12, 2013 at 10:59 AM, {re}imagined

  4. elma

    Oh the industrial table???

  5. sarah

    i’m SUPER interested in the walnut dresser!!!! how much are you thinking and what is the size?

  6. Kathy Parmeter

    I would like to purshase 1 of the six pane windows.   thank you, Kathy Parmeter


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