A Few New Things!!

I needed a little something to carry all my ‘do-dads’  for all our shows this year.  You know, scissors, tape, price tags, pens, string, etc.  I think this little vintage make-up case will do the trick, don’t you?

I {re}imagined her in Antoinette and Old White with dark wax.


Here are our new business cards!  LOVE our new logo and tagline.  I will have to explain our ‘tagline’ to you someday soon. It is very meaningful to us!  Any guesses?

{create}  {restore}  {inspire}


We picked up this amazing sewing cabinet.  It is in excellent shape, considering it is from 1910!  We have the papers and everything that came with it, accessories and all. Includes sewing machine.  Willing to sell it ‘as is’ (why would you paint it?)  $100.00.


We got our hands on yet another Hoosier Cabinet!  It needs some work, but is in pretty good shape.  It was stripped and refinished, but the doors and roll top on the upper cabinet were never completed.  (we have the doors and roll top) The bottom drawer needs some love too.  It really is in good shape.  Due to some, ahem, space issues, we will sell this ‘as is’ too.  Fixed up, we would likely sell it for more than $400.  Our ‘as is’ price is $150.


I LOVE this dresser. It is very old and very cool.  I believe that cabinet on the right is for hats!  Isn’t it so pretty.  I will not be selling this ‘as is’, and am not sure if I want to offer it up for a custom job.  I just might want to paint it how ever my little heart desires.  It will be priced a little higher though, this is incredibly unique and well made.  I am guessing in the $350 range.  I might be able to be talked into selling it, if you LOVE it too. Winking smile


I am doing so well preparing for the Mid-Michigan Women’s  Expo in Lansing.  Things are really coming together.  Why do I fret?  My Father always, ALWAYS guides and provides.  When will I learn?

Next week we will have a give-away for 4 free tickets to the Lansing Expo!!

Have a lovely weekend!


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4 responses to “A Few New Things!!

  1. Norma Jean Christoff

    Love the new look on logo. Save some for me. Also need some cards for she looketh well. L, M

    On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 7:00 PM, {re}imagined

  2. Nancy Pleune

    Love the logo, tag line and everything about the new card! Great job! YOU did it! ❤

  3. Michelle, what are the measurements on the Hoosier cabinet? I love it!

  4. Lori Sarki

    *T*H*A*N*K* You Michelle for doing a great job on my Vintage Button display shelf! We love it. I will send pics soon! We also LOVE the tables new look! Please send me an email
    with what we owe you. When you get ready to start the dresser let me know I might want to pick a different color. Are the frames done?
    I know you are really busy with the Expo!
    Hugs and God Bless

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