“Intro to {re}imagining With Paint” Class 

This class is a wonderful, informative hands on class.

We go over the foundations of {re}imagining with paint.

Class includes:

  • descriptions of different types of finishes
  • basics using, spray paint, latex and chalk paint
  • how to distress and how NOT to
  • antiquing with glaze, waxes, stains etc..
  • glazes and waxes
  • stains and poly finishes
  • your very own brush
  • use of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paints ™paints and waxes
  • Lunch (depending on the day of class)

We will be painting a take home project, a cabinet door (that I provide) that we will practice on using my chalk paints.

Class length and lunch is approximately 3 hours. (This is a great thing to do with your daughter/mother or sisters or best friends. Last time we had a few mother/daughter and sister combinations, they had a blast!)

The cost of this class is $ 55.00 (Includes the cost of cabinet door and use of stencils to make a cool wall hanging or tray!!)  (limit of 12)

Intro/BYOF Workshop

This class includes everything the “Intro” class does, but instead of painting a frame at the end of the class, you will be painting a small piece of furniture that you bring.

We go over the foundations of {re}imagining with paint.

Class includes:

  • descriptions of different types of finishes
  • basics using, spray paint, latex and chalk paint
  • how to distress and how NOT to
  • antiquing with glaze, waxes, stains etc..
  • glazes and waxes
  • stains and poly finishes
  • your very own brush
  • use of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paints ™paints and waxes
  • Lunch (depending on the day of class)


These workshops are designed to allow you to {re}imagine your own piece using my paint, waxes, supplies and space. Thereby keeping the mess in my workshop.

There will certainly be some variables depending on size of furniture, but in general this is what the workshop will include:

  • you bring your own piece *
  • use of all my products and tools that will be needed to paint, distress and wax
  • my help and instruction every step of the way
  • very small class size to ensure personal and individual attention and instruction
  • email consultations on what to bring, what color and types of finishes, hardware replacement (if needed) etc..

The cost for the “Intro/BYOF” Workshop is $100.00 (limit of 5)

Colors will be limited to colors I have on hand or would be willing to purchase

* for these workshops your piece of furniture needs to be something in the lines of an end table, nightstand, small occasional table, coffee table, chair, shutter, etc.

If you have a larger piece requiring more time and more product we can certainly adjust the cost and schedule more time or an alternative workshop. I have had people bring two smaller pieces or a large dresser and I just add my cost for the product and for extra time.

“Studio” Time

I have had requests to have what I will call, “Studio” Time.  This is a scheduled time that you can bring your own furniture and own paint and come paint with me while I am working on a project.  I will be there to help you with any questions or techniques.

  • Perhaps you have a large piece you just are afraid to tackle alone.
  • Maybe you are trying a new technique and want my help.
  • Maybe you just want the fellowship, and the mess to be in MY ‘studio’ (which sounds so funny to me, it is more like a shop Winking smile)

The cost for “Studio Time” will be $15.00 per hour.  (discount available for more than one person, up to three people)

If you are interested in a class, email me to see if I have any scheduled.

38 responses to “Classes

  1. Tami Groeneveld

    Michelle!!!! I am so proud of you!!! I would LOVE to take your intro class!! Saturdays we are usually at a sporting event cheering on one of our children be it,High School wrestling, horse show, college wrestling, softball, baseball so Saturdays don’t really work out and we are right in the heat of wrestling season…depending on the date I may be able to miss one of their meets but a Monday or Friday would work better for me. Thanks, please put me on the list!! Blessings, Tami Groeneveld =0)

  2. Sharon Smith

    yeah! can’t wait for both the shopping trip and the BYOF class – consider me signed up for both! 🙂

  3. karen kemme

    I would love to start with into pain and then do the BYOF.. I am so flexible so I can whatever. ( advantage of working at home!) sign me up for both!

  4. elaine

    so jealous of your Michigan friends!! if you want to take a longer scenic drive to Georgia I would be happy to host a class for you here 🙂

  5. Susan

    very interested in the intro class and BYOF. Have a busy early January but I’m available after 20th. would like to sign up but need to know dates and time to be able to totally commit.

  6. T L Doezema

    When are you thinking of having the “How to Shop class”?

  7. Betty Palmbos

    Do You have openings for the 21st? That is the date that works here for the 3 of us. Very excited. Betty

  8. Jennifer Gemski

    Would love to do the 14th! It’s my bday and I can’t think of a more fun way to spend the afternoon. I’m going to try to round up some friends as well. The 21st might be tricky to make I already have a client booked that afternoon, and the 28th we will be celebrating Momma’s bday. I will try to make it whatever day you choose. Thanks, can’t wait!

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  10. Geri

    Hi Michelle,
    During the day on Monday the 23rd works for me. Some reason my email won’t let me reply to your email. Geri

  11. Betty Palmbos

    Michelle, this is the only date that works for us. Sorry

  12. Hello, I am interesting in the Intro class – is there one coming up? I’m sorry I can’t seem to find a schedule…. 🙂

  13. Theresa Van Eck

    Hi, I am also interested in the Intro class when it is next available. Thank you. Theresa

  14. Mandy Herpolsheimer

    Michelle, I would like to attend your next Intro class on March 3, 2012. Please let me know what time to come, thank you!

  15. Theresa Van Eck

    Please put me down for March 3, intro class. I will get a check out to you asap on Monday. Address? Thank you! Theresa

  16. Sharon Vaneck

    Hi Michelle , did you get my check? Sharon VanEck #645 for the class on March 3. Theresa say to send right away, so it was sent on 2/7/12. My e-mail was returned , sent it twice with no luck.

  17. Keni Jo Hudenko

    Michelle, I am really interested in the turquoise vanity you have for sale. My daughter loves it. I saw it on Craigslist, but for some reason, I am unable to reply that way. Please contact me via email if you still have it. Thank you!

  18. Sherry Palmer

    Would like to reserve a spot for the 3/3 Intro class. Do you have Annie Sloan chalk paints and/or waxes available for sale, or is there a stockist in the area? Coming from Battle Creek and hoping to stock up on materials Saturday while in the area as well. Really looking forward to the class! May bring a friend, just need class times before I can commit to another spot.
    So excited!

  19. I only see the February calendar for classes. Do you have a March one that I am not seeing? Thanks a bunch.

  20. Chris

    I would love to attend your intro class and the how to look for furnature. can you please tell me the dates of your next class?? thanks

  21. Mary Sall

    Would like info on when the next intro class would be – tx.

  22. I would love to take your intro class can you please email me dates at

    Thanks Niki

  23. Barbra Trowe

    I would LOVE to take your intro class too. Please email me dates at
    Thanks, Barbra

  24. Nadia Kimble

    Hi Michelle! Its Nadia Again we met months ago and I would like dates on future intro classses!

  25. Hi Michelle — I would like class info as well

  26. Kim Amsbury

    Hi, Michelle! Just wondering how to sign up for a class, as well as dates. 🙂

    • Jennifer Martinez

      Hello…me too please!

      • Hi Jennifer, I can’t find if I emailed you or not, but i will likely have another round of classes in August or September unless I have enough interest sooner. Be sure to either sign up to receive email updates on the top right corner or “like” me on FB to not miss an update about classes. Thanks for asking!!

  27. Hi, I’m interested in your painting class. When will you be offering that? You can e-mail me at

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  29. tami groeneveld

    Hi Michelle!
    I would love “Studio Time”. Do you have any idea when you may have some?
    Blessings, Tami

  30. Chris

    michelle. i;m interested in your “how to shop..” class.

  31. Cheryl

    Hi Michelle,
    Love your stuff, right up my alley!
    I would love to take a class, possibly with my daughter, maybe a sister, and a friend. Can you let me know some dates please!

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