Expo Statement Piece

I really wanted a statement piece for the Expos.  Something grand.  Something bold.  Something that would draw attention. Painted in Emperor’s Silk and Old Ochre with dark wax and a dark glaze.


I love the original hardware, it is sort of a nickel color. 


I plan to stage it with my vintage turquoise china.


What do you think? 

This beauty will be available for sale AFTER the Lansing and Grand Rapids Women’s Expo.  If you love it, you can put a deposit down on it. The price is $325.





Filed under China Hutch, Emperor's Silk, Old Ochre

9 responses to “Expo Statement Piece

  1. WOW! I think you’ve done it!!! (Getting a statement piece, that is.) The china will look fabulous with it 😀

  2. Theresa Van Eck

    LOVE IT! If I had a place for it, I would buy it.

  3. Sue

    Goal accomplished!

  4. Hope

    It’s perfect!

  5. Sara

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  6. Nancy Pleune

    Spectacular showpiece!

  7. I can not wait to see it with the turquoise! Just unbelievable and so well finished. I think you priced it too low though!
    Kim @reposhture.blogspot.com

  8. What an amazing piece! Especially with the turquoise!!

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