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New Website! And Other News

Our new website is now live!!!  I am so excited.  We have worked very, very hard on this.  You will automatically be redirected to the new website if you come to my old blog.

It would really, really help me out if you would ‘subscribe’ or ‘re-subscribe’ to receive my posts in your email.  I am pretty sure your subscription will not carry over, and I would hate for you to miss the updates.  There will be a subscribe box on the right hand sidebar towards the bottom.  Also, if you have my blog ‘bookmarked’, be sure to change it to my new site.

Please, please tell me if you come across ANYTHING amiss on our new site.  I am giving you permission, so don’t feel funny about it.  I need you!

Also, our new site is an actual ‘website’ with a tab at the top for my blog.  So if you end up on the home page, don’t freak out, just click on the ‘blog’ tab.

{re]imagined just for you


Look what we got in the mail, apparently a mass mailing with yours truly pictured!  How fun is that?


Before I was a painter I was a master organizer, did you know that?  Here is the layout for the Lansing Expo, to scale.  Yes, a wee bit Type A, but it saves my poor, tired brain the stress of figuring it out on the spot.


Not the best picture, but here are the three doors that will accompany me on stage for each of my demos!  I LOVE them.


Here is a 2 ft. by 3 ft. poster that will also be on stage with me.  It is so, so pretty.  I promise, much better pictures to come from the Expo!! 


If you think of me, please pray for us.  Pray for peace, especially with the team at home.  The logistics of an event like this for our family is mind boggling.  Thankfully, the Lord has been our guide.  We actually were so ahead of schedule today that the children and I spent the afternoon worshipping to our favorite worship leaders on YouTube!  God is so good.  Here is my absolute FAVORITE song right now.

See you at the new site!!!  Tell me what you think.


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Winners of Lansing Tickets

The winners of the free tickets the Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo are:




I have sent you messages via Facebook!

I look forward to meeting you!

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Almost There!

I have been working, seemingly, non-stop getting ready for the Mid-Michigan Expo in Lansing this coming week!  I cannot believe the details . . .

  • packing up our boutique,
  • restocking for things that have been sold,
  • pricing,
  • preparing the presentations,
  • making lists of what is needed for all EIGHT talks,
  • coming up with food menus for us and the team left at home,
  • wardrobe (this was a challenge, I live in paint clothes Winking smile)

I am sure this is not all of the details, but did you know that apparently my family would still like to eat and chat with me during this preparation time too?  Who knew?

Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining, there has been much, much grace.  I absolutely love it!  I am learning to keep my eyes on Him and trust Him to lead me.  Learning to only focus on what I can do at this moment and trust Him for the details to come.  All these things do not come naturally for me.  Just sayin’.

I could not be more thrilled to have this opportunity to share my heart and passion.  I have a heart for women, and this just feels like a chance of a lifetime. It might sound a bit over-dramatized, but it is really a special opportunity to me!  An answer to long tucked away dreams.

Oh, and our new website is ALMOST ready for launch!  I think within the next couple of days I will be posting about the launch and you will be redirected to our new dot-com!  So exciting.

And then!  Next up, the West Michigan Women’s Expo in the city I was born and raised in, GRAND RAPIDS!!  Can you hear me squealing?

Stay tuned for updates and tons of photos to come.  Prayers are appreciated.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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Calling Lansing Area Friends!!

For any of you who would like to come to come see me at the Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo, I would like to give away four (4) tickets! 

I will draw the winners on Tuesday, January 29. 

Here are a few ways to enter your name in the drawing:

1Share my Facebook Page with your friends and family, asking them to ‘like’ it, only if they want to.  (I don’t want ‘likes’ just for the sake of having lots of likes.  I want ‘authentic likes’ Winking smile)


If you don’t have a Facebook account, simply email my blog to ten (10) people you think would be interested in {re}imagined just for you.

That’s it! 

For those of you in the Greater Grand Rapids area, don’t worry, I will have lots of tickets to give away for the West Michigan Women’s Expo!  Stay tuned!

Also, a ‘new’ piece for the Expos!  I LOVE this dresser.  I have actually done a ‘happy dance’ over this piece several times today.  Funny, I have showed my family the same dresser and nobody else did a happy dance.  Party poopers.  Worthy of a ‘happy dance’??


Isn’t it so pretty!!!??



This little cutey is going is being donated for the Allendale Christian School Auction.  The picture does not show how cool of a mustard yellow it is! 



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A Few New Things!!

I needed a little something to carry all my ‘do-dads’  for all our shows this year.  You know, scissors, tape, price tags, pens, string, etc.  I think this little vintage make-up case will do the trick, don’t you?

I {re}imagined her in Antoinette and Old White with dark wax.


Here are our new business cards!  LOVE our new logo and tagline.  I will have to explain our ‘tagline’ to you someday soon. It is very meaningful to us!  Any guesses?

{create}  {restore}  {inspire}


We picked up this amazing sewing cabinet.  It is in excellent shape, considering it is from 1910!  We have the papers and everything that came with it, accessories and all. Includes sewing machine.  Willing to sell it ‘as is’ (why would you paint it?)  $100.00.


We got our hands on yet another Hoosier Cabinet!  It needs some work, but is in pretty good shape.  It was stripped and refinished, but the doors and roll top on the upper cabinet were never completed.  (we have the doors and roll top) The bottom drawer needs some love too.  It really is in good shape.  Due to some, ahem, space issues, we will sell this ‘as is’ too.  Fixed up, we would likely sell it for more than $400.  Our ‘as is’ price is $150.


I LOVE this dresser. It is very old and very cool.  I believe that cabinet on the right is for hats!  Isn’t it so pretty.  I will not be selling this ‘as is’, and am not sure if I want to offer it up for a custom job.  I just might want to paint it how ever my little heart desires.  It will be priced a little higher though, this is incredibly unique and well made.  I am guessing in the $350 range.  I might be able to be talked into selling it, if you LOVE it too. Winking smile


I am doing so well preparing for the Mid-Michigan Women’s  Expo in Lansing.  Things are really coming together.  Why do I fret?  My Father always, ALWAYS guides and provides.  When will I learn?

Next week we will have a give-away for 4 free tickets to the Lansing Expo!!

Have a lovely weekend!


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No January Classes

I need to postpone January classes.  I did not have enough of a response, sorry about that. 

I am tentatively planning on Saturday, February 23, 2013 for an Intro to {re}imagining With Paint CLASS (the one in which we paint cabinet doors)

I am willing to squeeze in an Intro to {re}imagining With Paint WORKSHOP (in which you bring a small piece to paint), Friday, February 22, 2013.

Let me know if you would be interested in either the class or the workshop.

Thank you! 


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Expo Statement Piece

I really wanted a statement piece for the Expos.  Something grand.  Something bold.  Something that would draw attention. Painted in Emperor’s Silk and Old Ochre with dark wax and a dark glaze.


I love the original hardware, it is sort of a nickel color. 


I plan to stage it with my vintage turquoise china.


What do you think? 

This beauty will be available for sale AFTER the Lansing and Grand Rapids Women’s Expo.  If you love it, you can put a deposit down on it. The price is $325.




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Newest Treasures!!

Well, first our phone service was not working all week.  Sometimes it would ring, sometimes not.  Sometimes we would get voicemails, sometimes not.  Then, yesterday our internet went out.  I was so excited to share out ‘pick’ with you and I had no internet!

Mr. [re}imagined and I headed north yesterday.  We stopped in Rockford, Cedar Springs, Howard City and Newaygo!  More on the places we went later.  We had a fun day and found a few ‘honey holes’ as they say on American Pickers.

Cute cubbies, probably 4 1/2 feet tall.  I plan to paint the inside white and the outside a color of your choice.


Very nice China Cabinet.  Perfect size, I think.  There are three substantial shelves and a smaller drawer.  Someone spray painted it black.  I will be {re}imagining this!


Our favorite pick of the day!  An industrial work table.  We will clean it up and possible replace the bottom tray, which is currently filled with grease, with barn wood.  Very cool table!


I have 11 (eleven) six pane windows that I will sell right now for $15 each.  Later this Spring I will offer them for $20 each at Allegan.  If you or someone you know is doing a shabby chic wedding, these would be perfect!


Darling little end table.


These matching end tables will be used for my demo at the Women’s Expo.  Not currently for sale.


Absolutely!! darling vintage book shelf/display.  It would be PERFECT for a nursery or child’s room.  I do think it needs some paint, but so cute!


Antique Walnut dresser.  It is kind of cool ‘as is’.  It is a mustard yellow with super chippy paint.  It will also look amazing {re}imagined.


A Sofa Table!  these are so hard to find.  I have people ask me for them all the time.  This is beautiful.  I am thinking to stain the top and paint the bottom.


Just let me know if you are interested in any of these.  There will be a wait before I can get them to you, but I couldn’t wait to show you!!

Off to paint and get ready for the Expos!!


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Shopped til I Dropped!

Stay tuned for pics, first come, first served! Just a heads up! Our internet is down, will post soon.

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